20 Uses is an integrated marketing communication agency that provides everything related to marketing. From planning and strategy setting to campaign and event management, all the way to performance measurement and evaluation.

We don’t guarantee anything, and we don’t promise to do magic. We just promise to set your business on the right track, and giving you all the know-how that can help you sustain yourself even if we are not with you. Our objective is not to bring in as many clients as possible but rather to inform our clients, educate them, train their staff and provide them with the material that will be their reference for a long time. We wish to maintain long-term relationships and build success stories rather than big profits. Marketing to each and every member of our team is a real passion not just a job.

Our mission is to build success stories everyday. You can find our success stories on our Portfolio.

The Story behind “20 Uses”

Why 20 Uses “The marketing agency”?

It all started in 1997, when a young student with lots of passion for expression and communication decided to join the PR team of a large multi-national for a summer job. The marketing manager interviewing her knew she had no experience, no CV and not even a graduate degree. He asked her just one thing, to list 20 uses for a coffee mug he had on his desk. That’s when she fell in love with the idea of marketing.

It’s all about seeing things with a different eye and finding out the best value provided from any product or service.

The art of communicating value is both challenging and fun. It’s a skill and a science. Above all, it’s essential for any really good product to get out there and get people to know about it. 20 Uses Integrated Marketing Agency